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Oct 14

Anonymous said: fave RFC band



Oct 6

Hoodie weather. 

Available now at:

Sep 25


New Big Breakfast - “Hot Griddle” just to tease you all. Listen to this man rap.

Big Breakfast “LUXURY” Coming Soon on Smokers Cough

Peep this Big Breakfast 

Sep 15

GDP - “Collectibles” out now! Songs you may or may not have heard around the internet from 2012-14, together for the first time today via Bandcamp. : Collectibles by GDP

Sep 10


TMSFE & Aoi dropped a music video for “You Only Die Once” directed by GDP and shot/edited by Max Hliva.

Share it around! 

Sep 8

DOS4GW - old mates



DOS4GW dropped some new tracks on Bandcamp for free download!

Check out these awesome DOS4GW tunes

Aug 29


the boy Hot Sugar remixed an Antwon song and got me yappin on it feat. Ne$$ (Weekend Money) and GDP too

premiered at Dummy: 

Aug 21

New shit produced by Aoi. Free download

Jul 28

The Man From Somewhere Else & Aoi “Franklin Gothic Green” out TODAY! Full stream/pay what you want on Bandcamp

Literally album of the year. 2014 equivalent of Madvillainy I’m not playin. 

May 13

GDP, Rosegold and Friends 2014 Winter Roundup

Apr 7

Nov 15
Come celebrate the launch of Smokers Cough!

Come celebrate the launch of Smokers Cough!

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